The Next Bachelorette Is 38-Year-Old Hairstylist Clare Crawley

Crawley first appeared on the show in 2014.

The next star to look for love on The Bachelorette will be Clare Crawley, a 38-year-old hairstylist from Sacramento who first appeared on the show in 2014.

ABC announced the pick on its social media channels Monday.

While some newer fans of the show may not recognize Crawley immediately, she has appeared on the franchise's shows multiple times.

After showing up to meet Bachelor Juan Pablo with a fake baby bump, Crawley made it to the final two women.

However, Juan Pablo dumped her in the finale. She memorably told him off, saying, "I would never want my children to have a father like you."

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Crawley then appeared on Bachelor in Paradise twice. She never found a lasting love connection, but she did have a memorable exchange with a raccoon.

America, your new #bachelorette...Clare Crawley

Crawley then appeared on The Bachelor Winter Games in 2018. She did find a love connection with Benoit Beauséjour-Savard, and he proposed in the finale.

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However, the couple broke up a few months later.

Reacting to Monday’s news, some women were here for a, let's say, more mature Bachelorette.

I am so fucking on board with a 38-year-old Bachelorette. Hooray Clare! #TheBachelorette

The last Bachelorette, Hannah Brown, was 24 when her season filmed. Currently, the three finalists on The Bachelor are 23, 23, and 26 (the Bachelor himself, Peter Weber, is 28). Before that, the Bachelor Colton Underwood was 27, and the woman he chose, Cassie Randolph, was 23.

The young ages of many recent contestants and leads has led a lot of fans to complain about the lack of emotional maturity on a show that's meant to be a search for a spouse.

Is it just me getting older, or does this year’s Bachelor contestants look SO young and immature

Can there be an age restriction to get on the show? It is so clear that all these 23 year olds want is to get on bachelor in paradise and sell sugar bear hair vitamins and fab fit fun on ig. The level of maturity is below zero this season. #thebachelor #WomenTellAll

Me waiting for the senior citizen version of #TheBachelor so we don’t have to deal with these stupid ass 23 year olds anymore

They especially had jokes after ABC announced it is casting for a "seniors dating show."

Serious question. Since #TheBachelor franchise only casts tiny babies as contestants, would I, a soon to be 29 year old, be able to submit to be on the seniors show?

But some are unsure if they reallllllly want someone more mature.

when people say they want to see mature men and women on the bachelor im just like ?? absolutely no one would tune in. who cares ab a 32 year old lawyer ? im curious about the 23 year old model who writes poems ab her love for a guy she met three weeks ago.

And some are just here for the mess that inevitably awaits us.

Making Clare Crawley the bachelorette is has actually solidified my theory that bachelor producers have 2 brain cells. Lets have a bunch of mid 40yr old men date 38yr old Clare just so we have middle aged men ready to date the infants from Pete’s season for BIP #thebachelorette

In an appearance on Good Morning America after the announcement, Crawley said she thinks her age will be an asset.

"A lot of people put it out there as this negative thing, but for me, it just is more years under my belt, more learning and knowing what I want, what I don't want, and what I won't settle for," she said.

She added she is open to dating younger guys and isn't looking for a specific type.

"I'm proud of my age, but I just feel younger and I feel like that to me is what's important," she said.

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