These Kids Named Their Baseball Team "The Illuminati" And Honestly It's Genius

"The future is bright."

Vaughn Guilfoile is a 10-year-old from Illinois who comes from a long line of baseball aficionados.

His grandfather worked for Major League Baseball for 35 years, and his dad, Kevin Guilfoile, wrote a memoir centered around his father and baseball.

Vaughn now plays for two teams, a Little League team and a travel baseball team that plays on the weekends, his dad told BuzzFeed News.

Recently, Vaughn's travel team had to come up with a name for themselves. As Kevin pointed out on Twitter, 10-year-olds naming a baseball team can have mixed results, but these kids hit it out of the park. Their choice? The Illuminati.

Kevin said the name came up as the team and their parents were brainstorming, adding that the kids wanted something unique.

"We were trying to come up with a name that nobody else had," he said, adding he's not sure who came up with "Illuminati" first.

They even were able to get some awesome-looking patches to complete their uniforms.

Kevin added that while the name may seem high-brow for a group of kids to pick, he thinks they only know the term from the tongue-in-cheek humor about the group on the internet.

"They know it as a joke," he said. "They don't really know what is is."

When the uniforms came in, Kevin said he thought they looked awesome and the whole thing was hilarious. So, he decided to share photos of Vaughn in his uniform online.

Sometimes it's a horrible mistake to let ten-year-olds name their own baseball team. Then again, sometimes they cru…

People were totally into the idea.

@kevinguilfoile @TradersCom Not a baseball fan, but I love this name. Begs the question, what've you been telling your children?

And even had some suggestions for more the team could incorporate.

@kevinguilfoile Please tell me their mascot is Beyonce.

"The future is bright," said one person.

@kevinguilfoile I thought I was clever when I was 8 to name our team the Spaceballs. The future is bright

Many people responded asking if they could buy some team merch for themselves. Kevin said they are now considering creating a Kickstarter to produce team gear.

@kevinguilfoile Can I order a hat online to support the team?

"It's been crazy, the kids are really excited," he said.

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