"Bachelor" Star Colton Had A Very Expensive Skin Care Routine On The Show

Looking good doesn't come cheap!

Colton Underwood, the new star of The Bachelor, may have all the women swooning over his good looks, but they don't come cheap.

Apparently, he used a skin care regimen that costs almost $600.

This is according to Gina Modica, the reality show's resident makeup artist.

Modica told PopSugar that Underwood uses a variety of products to make sure he looks perfect for all of his dates.

"We always start out with skin care, especially the way we travel — it's very easy for your skin to take a bad turn," Modica said. "Luckily we didn't have to deal with that; Colton was so good at keeping up the routine — I only had to remind him a few times."

The most expensive item on Underwood's list is Glycelene's Beauty Serum, which retails for $125.

He also uses Glycelene's The Rejuvenation Creme, Opalescent Eye Serum, The Beauty Ointment, Stem C Mist, and Luxury Facial Cleanser.

These other products total $395, making the total skin care regimen about $520, according to Modica.

He tops it off with $55 Dermalogica sunscreen, bringing the total up to almost $600.

Modica said Underwood also uses a variety of makeup products to look his best, including a $48 foundation, a $64 tinted moisturizer, and a $34 concealer. This is usually the type of makeup men wear on TV.

And it seems people have noticed his dedication.

Colton has some great skin lol #TheBachelor

But if you want his good skin, it won't come cheap!

Drop your skin care routine @colton

It's good to be the Bachelor!

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