People Are Loving This Reporter Who Yelled "Thanks A Lot, Bitch" At The Debate

Kimberly Halkett is the hero America needs.

A reporter at the presidential debate has become the hero we all deserve by yelling, "Thanks a lot, bitch!" at another woman while chasing an interview.

The priceless moment was captured by Dalton Bennett of the Washington Post.

The reporter, Al Jazeera English's Kimberly Halkett, was apparently trying to get an interview with Gov. Mike Pence when she was pushed out of the way. She was nahhht happy.

But, actually. We've all been there. (Right?)

Everyone immediately fell in love with her, because obviously.

Jesus I wasn't ready for that "thanks a lot bitch" 😂😂😂😂

They said the video was both intriguing and surprising.

This video from the debate has: — Dramatic plot — Character development — Passes the Bechdel Test — Twist ending

And made them more excited for the debate, TBH.

"'Thanks a lot, bitch' might be my favorite thing of 2016. Sums it up real fuckin well," one person said.

"Thanks a lot, bitch" might be my favorite thing of 2016. Sums it up real fuckin well.

She won herself a ton of new fans.

I really want to hang out with the "thanks a lot bitch" lady

They were just proud to be associated with her.

God bless America

Others wanted to see her at the debate stage.

And some said that the candidates could learn a thing or two from her.

I hope Clinton ends the debate this way. Walks up to dumpster fire, "thanks a lot bitch"!

Following the debate, Halkett told BuzzFeed News that she was working and could not speak.


Helkett was chasing Mike Pence. An original version of this story misstated who she was trying to interview.

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