Ted Cruz Has New Facial Hair But People Are Unsure If It Counts As A Beard

Welcome to perhaps the most important Twitter debate of 2018.

This week, Sen. Ted Cruz showed up to the Senate with a new look.

Ted Cruz grew a beard over Thanksgiving!

As Joe Perticone of Business Insider tweeted, the senator "grew a beard over Thanksgiving!"

Here's another angle of his new look.

BEARD: @tedcruz presides over Senate ...

You can also see it here, on the senator's own account!

Had a great start to the day by welcoming fellow Texans to our nation's capital this morning at #Texas Tuesday Coffee! https://t.co/rvQQ9eLQOf

Perticone's tweet, however, sparked a HUGE debate.

Many people were like, "What beard?"

@JoePerticone Me looking for Ted Cruz’s beard

They just didn't see it.

I don’t know what that is on Ted Cruz’s face, but it’s not a beard. 😳 It’s most likely just another way to hide from his constituents. 🤦‍♀️ https://t.co/Gk2rmbt18V

Everyone had memes!

And of course, jokes.

Did you guys see Ted Cruz’s new beard?

Some who struggle in the facial hair department felt owned.

I've been sent the Ted Cruz "beard" photo as an Own on my facial hair and...

And some felt glee!

Found out today my beard is better than ted Cruz‘s and no one else https://t.co/M115uVGes3

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