This Mom And Daughter Recreated A Photo From Her First Day Of School On Her High School Grad Day

Time flies.

This is Gabrielle Yowell, an 18-year-old from New Albany, Indiana, and her mom Lizzette. On Sunday, Gabrielle graduated from high school with her mom by her side.

Gabrielle Yowell

Gabrielle told BuzzFeed News she is planning to attend Indiana State University in the fall to study biology, and her mom has been a steadfast supporter in her life.

"My mom and I are very close, we're always together," she said.

The teen said that her graduation day was even more special to her because her mom had breast cancer last year.

"She fought through it and was able to see me graduate," she said.

The teen and her mom's bond is so pure, it even made the front page of their local paper. Back in 2004, a photographer snapped this image of them as Lizzette picked Gabrielle up from her first day of kindergarten.

Gabrielle Yowell

The picture ran in the News and Tribune. Gabrielle explained that the paper's photographer captured a genuine moment between her and her mom.

The teen is the oldest of four children, so it was a big moment for the family.

"I was coming back from school and my mom missed me so so much," she said.

Of course, the family framed the photo and has "about 50 copies of the paper" at home, Gabrielle said.

So, as Gabrielle's high school graduation approached, she had the idea to recreate the photo with her mom. Her mom was game, "in heels and everything," the teen said.

Gabrielle Yowell

Gabrielle's dad took the #tbt shot and it turned out perfect, after a few attempts.

Time flies...

Gabrielle Yowell
Gabrielle Yowell

Gabrielle shared the pics side-by-side on Twitter, and they have been retweeted more than 14,000 times in a day.

First day of kindergarten to graduation and my mom is still as proud as ever😇💖

People couldn't handle the cuteness.

It was 2 cute 2 handle.

"This is so beautiful. I got teary eyed. Thank you for sharing this wonderful moment."

@lilgabsss This is so beautiful. I got teary eyed. Thank you for sharing this wonderful moment.

And a lot of people were like, damn mom!

@lilgabsss And she still strong af to be able to hold you. Shout out to mom's for being there 💪

"Queens raising queens."

@lilgabsss I'm just impressed she can bare the weight of that hug in those heels. Queens raising queens 💕

Gabrielle said both she and her mom have been shocked at all the responses, and are very thankful for the kind words.

"I wanted to show the genuine love that we have," she said.