Taylor Swift Threw An Epic New Year's Eve Costume Party And Here's Everyone Who Was There

The queen herself dressed up as Ariel.

It's 2019, and the queen of parties is BACK. After taking a few years off from her Fourth of July ragers, Taylor Swift has returned by throwing a New Year's Eve costume party.

Tay and her friends "decided to dress up as our childhood heroes" to celebrate the new year, she wrote on Instagram.

If you're like us, you've been scouring the internet trying to figure out everyone who was there, and what they dressed up as.

Here's what we've gathered:

Gigi Hadid dressed as Mary Poppins.

Blake Lively dressed as Dorothy.

Ryan Reynolds dressed as...himself? His dad? Help us out here, buddy.

Taylor's BFF, Abigail, dressed as Posh Spice.

McCall Koenig dressed as Nancy Drew, Leah McCarthy as Avril Lavigne, and Ashley Avignone as Gwen Stefani*.

*Thanks Gigi for tagging these guys!

Iris Apatow (daughter of Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann) as Cinderella.

And this could be her sister, Maude Apatow as Frida Kahlo? What say you, readers?

The guest dressed up as Mrs. Frizzle appears to be Jari Haile, a physical therapist who has appeared at other Taylor bashes.

And of course, Taylor herself dressed as Ariel.

And Meredith went as a cat with a Grammy.

Do you recognize anyone else? Let us know in the comments!

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