People Say Trendy Starbucks Drinks Are Running Their Local Stores Dry Of Coconut Milk

Customers and baristas claim on social media that their stores are running out of coconut milk because drinks made with it are so ~on trend~.

This summer, Instagram has been taken over with people sharing photos of the fabled "pink drink" from Starbucks' secret menu.

The drink, which isn't on the regular menu, is a Strawberry Acai Refresher with coconut milk instead of water. Some people also make it with soy milk, but coconut is more popular.

The drink's reported tastiness and eye-catching look has made it one of the trendiest items on Instagram.

It's just so photogenic!

"The internet made me do it," one user wrote.

It has also spawned other drinks in various colors.

Starbucks has also introduced an Iced Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato for the summer, which company spokesperson Holly Shafer told BuzzFeed News has proved to be very popular.

“It's exciting to see that customers are loving it," Shafer said of the drink.

Indeed, the drink has spawned many happy social media posts of its own.

lifeline 💉 #IcedCoconutMilkMochaMacchiato @Starbucks

But according to some customers on social media, the coconut mania is coming with a price. They claim locations all over the country are running out of coconut milk during the day.

@Starbucks my home store seems to be out of coconut milk everyday?!? Looks like they need to manage their inventory a lot better!

Some people who wanted to try the ~rainbow~ are SOL.

@Starbucks I would of gotten the pink one but ya'll decided to run out of coconut milk 😒✋🏼

And some customers say they can't try the macchiato either.

Whelp that sucks when Starbucks is out of coconut milk and you can't have a #IcedCoconutMilkMochaMacchiato

They say it's very frustrating.

My mom has been to Starbucks everyday since Friday & they still don't have coconut milk for her drink & she's about to burn the place down

Customers claim it's a recurring issue.

@Starbucks Please Starbucks!! Three times now I've gone to get my coconut milk mocha macchiato and they are out of coconut milk argghh

Even early birds say they can't get coconut.

Yo @Starbucks how come y'all keep running out of coconut milk before 9am???

Some people reported that their location was out of both the Strawberry Acai Refresher and coconut milk, aka both components of the pink drink.

@Starbucks Really??? Special promotion on and no coconut milk.

They were sad.

my starbucks has been out of coconut milk for 2 days

"The worst is when you try to order the pink drink at Starbucks and they say 'sorry we ran out of coconut milk,'" YouTube star Niki DeMartino wrote on Twitter.

The worst is when you try to order the pink drink at Starbucks and they say "sorry we ran out of coconut milk" 🙄

Baristas are also claiming their stores can't keep up with the demand. In a thread on Reddit, they say it's leading to a lot of unhappy customers.

The demand for the macchiato and the rainbow drinks is absolutely insane, they added.

"We had six cases Friday morning. We had one case left when I left the store [Tuesday]. I expect to be out by close tomorrow," one person wrote.

However, Shafer said that reports the company is facing a coconut milk "shortage" are untrue, and that there is plenty of milk to go around.

"Starbucks has a healthy coconut milk supply," she said.

She said if customers go to a store without coconut milk, they should expect the milk to be restocked in a day or less.

"As you can imagine, our stores may run low on products from time to time based on ordering cycles and seasonal interest," she said.

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