Trolls Are Using #MillennialOlympicEvents To Bash And Smear Millennials And They Aren't Having It

"Abortion triathlon?" Really?

This week, a hashtag emerged on Twitter that seemed to be inspired by the Olympic games. The hashtag #MillennialOlympicEvents had people imagining challenges that millennials would be great at.

They were really creative at first!

Curling up for Netflix & Chilling #MillennialOlympicEvents


100m Social Butterfly #MillennialOlympicEvents

So perfect!

Some people got a little more biting.

Synchronized Drowning In Debt? #MillennialOlympicEvents

Womp womp.

Juggling to save for retirement, a home, and grad school, pay your bills, deflect questions about when you’re going…

I'd be great at this.

Synchronized Sallie Mae Payments #MillennialOlympicEvents

However, the hashtag was soon swarmed by people who decided to use it to insult millennials instead.

"Abortion triathlon?" Really?

"Moving in and out of your parent's houseathon."

Some included images.

"Basement dwelling."

They seemed to have a lot of pent-up anger!

"Screaming" and "freeing their nipples."

"Attack the NRA."

It went on and on...

Now, pro-millennials are defending millennials against millennial haters all over a silly millennial hashtag. (It's all very confusing.)

Everyone tweeting about #MillennialOlympicEvents should remember the one sport Millenials are forced to compete in.…


I'm watching the boomers telling shitty mean jokes on the #MillennialOlympicEvents feed and all I can think is 'You…

Many pointed out that, actually, a lot of Olympians are millennials, so...?

#MillennialOlympicEvents really illustrates the illogical disdain boomers have for millenials because most competin…

"Lay off already" was the general consensus.

Skiing. Snowboarding. Hockey. Figure skating. Luge. Skeleton. Speed skating. Cross country. Curling. These are ACT…

America, 2018, everyone!

#MillennialOlympicEvents Baby Boomers and Millennial’s getting after each other, again... Gen X:

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