People Are Totally Impressed By This Woman's Insanely Creepy Mermaid Makeup

"Makeup so good it's scaring me."

Channing is a 23-year-old from a small town called Broken Bow, Oklahoma. She is a self-taught makeup artist who fell into doing special effects work by chance.

Twitter: @ChanningCJudith

"[I] just watched a YouTube video and fell in love with the idea of being able to turn myself into a different character or do a really nasty wound," she told BuzzFeed News.

Channing does normal makeup for her clients, but likes to experiment with special effects on herself, she said.

Her work is seriously stunning.

Recently, Channing was inspired to try to recreate a "mermaid leg" that was created by another makeup artist, Arianna Chaylene, last year.

The finished product was...incredible.

Twitter: @ChanningCJudith

Channing said it took her an "hour or two" to create the leg.

"I used scar wax, a silicone for the scales," she said. "I used cream and alcohol paints for the bruising and irritation, and used eyeshadow pigments and glitters to get the shiny effect."

After making her creation, she shared it on Twitter with the caption: "Got bored last night and turned myself into a mermaid. I'd rather be swimming with the fishes anyway."

Got bored last night and turned myself into a mermaid. I'd rather be swimming with the fishes anyway 🐬🐟💖🌊🐠

Her artwork went super viral and people were totally stunned by her skills.

@ChanningCJudith That's the most beautiful scary and more beautiful artwork I seen in a minute

They said it looked "scarily real."

@raionahope @ChanningCJudith Oh my god!!! So good that it looks scarily real 🙀🙀🙀 where do I sign up?!

It freaked everyone a good way.

@ChanningCJudith @Aunnnnnna Oml this is so good I legit had a heart attack thinking her skin was about to fall off

@ChanningCJudith @stratfordneymar me looking at this for 5 minutes trying to understand how you even did all of tha…

"Makeup so good it's scaring me."

@ChanningCJudith Make up so good it's scaring me. HIRE HER

Channing said it has been "crazy and surreal" that so many people have complimented her on her skills from the post.

Twitter: @ChanningCJudith

"I've been posting my work for a while and I never would've thought something would go so viral," she said. "[It has] opened my eyes to a lot. I'm happy to see my work out there but that also so many people enjoy it."