25 Very Good Dogs Who Know The Importance Of Voting On Super Tuesday

No politics here, just pups.

1. It's Super Tuesday! And while you could be watching the news to see who comes out on top...

2. Why not instead check out these patriotic dogs with stickers on their heads?

3. Or on their bods!

4. It's OK, little guy. Voting is fun!

5. And these dogs are wearing their love for democracy with pride.

6. Sure, it's important to stay informed on what's going on in the race.

7. But it's always nice to have a distraction.

8. So why not check out some pics of this guy?

9. Or this patriotic pup?

10. This guy even looks kinda like a Founding Father!

11. This Bernie supporter is hyyyyped.

my sisters dog celebrating super tuesday 🥺

12. And this one has an appropriate name.

13. This guy canceled an important meeting to cast his ballot.

14. And this one just wants a nap.

15. I can haz vote?

16. So whether you voted for Bernie...

17. Or Biden...

18. Or Warren...

19. Or Bloomberg...

20. We can all agree on one thing.

21. Dogs Deserve Everything: 2020.

22. Pets for president!

23. And at least we will always have animals...

24. ...no matter how crazy the election gets.

25. Happy Super Tuesday!

P.S.: Here's a bonus cat...

...and a bunny!

And a guinea pig!

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