New Yorkers Are Sharing So Many WTF Photos Of Their Commute And It's Horrifying

"Engineer looked me in the face and shut the door."

Most New Yorkers rely on public transportation to get around. This summer, many commuters have been sharing crazy images of the city's subpar transportation conditions, in what has been dubbed the "summer of hell" by local media.

"Well the fare still gonna go up. fix ya faces - @MTA"

The term was originally coined to describe the expected delays at Penn Station — which serves regional rail services Amtrak, New Jersey Transit, and the Long Island Rail Road — as it undergoes major track work this summer. But people online have been using it to describe what seem like endlessly deteriorating conditions on the city's subway as well.

Anger, confusion at utica station this a.m. 50+ mins, still no A train. No C. Palpable sick-&-tired-ness in the air…

The photos are...something.

On a Monday morning, subway riders don't want to hear "there's another train directly behind this one" sowequeezein…

This is fine.

The @MTA, @NYCTSubway & @NYGovCuomo getting people to their destination one person at a time. #NewYorkCity, City of…


Fire on A train, switched to 1. More delays. Now 168 st. station packed w/people trying to get in elevators. WTF…


@nypost @nytimes @MTA #summerofhell So smoke in tunnel at 145th...if at 168th there would be trouble! 20 mins to e…

This looks...unpleasant.

Hundreds can't get to work via the downtown 1 train after uptown A,C,D,B service totally shuts down. #SummerOfHell…

We are all this dude.

#summerofhell extends uptown today. #mtafail

Jesus take the wheel.

@NYGovCuomo @JoeLhota see this boys: this is what everyday is like now with the MTA. Do your fucking jobs and fix…

This is fun in July.

People waiting to get onto an M4 bus on 145th Street following an #MTA train fire (via @ryan_mensing)…

Save them!

Riding this #subway for almost 200 blocks, no working AC and everyone is miserable @NYGovCuomo @Straphangers #mta

Amid the ~hell~, radio station WNYC encouraged New Yorkers to tweet their stories with the hashtag #wethecommuters. After a particularly hellish Monday, many people began to share their stories via the tag.

Tired of your commute? Join #WeTheCommuters to add a megaphone to your frustration:

The stories were bleak AF.

This AM, I opted for the hot car over the immensely overcrowded car. #MTABreakdown #wethecommuters @MTA

People are tired, angry, and hot.

Don't confuse being worn down because we have no other choice with patience. #wethecommuters

Tensions are high.

Commute tally: 5 consecutive stops where no one from platform could fit on train, 4 fights over who was pushing/rushing whom, 1 ethnic slur.

Even the engineers are fed up.

.@NYCTSubway Engineer looked me in the face and shut the door. #wethecommuters #fixthemta

WNYC is now taking suggestions for how to improve the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to give to the agency at its next board meeting on July 26.

The next MTA board mtg is 7/26. What question, comment, or grievance would you give them about your commute? Tweet…

Good morning @NYGovCuomo. How was your commute? 100s waiting at 168th for 1 train b/c no ABCD. 4 slow elevators to…

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