This Guy Took Insane Footage Of A Dude Just Chilling Under The NYC Subway During Rush Hour

Monday mood.

New Yorkers have seen some crazy shit in the subway, especially during this past year's drama. However, New Yorker Shon Mogharabi may have had the craziest experience we have seen in a while, and luckily he took a video.

Mogharabi was on the platform for the B train at Grand Street when a...hand...reached out from UNDER the train.

The hand waved a few times, then put a cigarette out on the train for good measure.

The dude then crawled out from under the platform and subway, and threw a bottle at it. He then collected his things, and strolled onto the platform like nothing had happened.

When confronted by firefighters, he just did a little jig.

Of course Mogharabi shared the video on social media, writing he has been in NYC "way too long."

Been living in NYC way too long. Saw a guy on the tracks this AM, with the B train speeding ahead. Tried to pull hi…

People thought the video was insane. Many loved his dance.

@ShonNotSean @Staydafuckmad the lil dance he did took me out. I'm weak

Others pointed out his attitude toward the situation.

@ShonNotSean The way he was walking by them at the end like nothing happened😂😭

"You MUST watch this video!! This guy officially gives zero F's. I just can't. 😂 The dance is killing me."

You MUST watch this video!! This guy officially gives zero F's. I just can't. 😂 The dance is killing me. #subway…

Monday morning mood.


im the guy who crawled under the subway. i live there and it is cool.

Now other people are sharing their NYC subway stories.

Come to NYC and find some wild shit happening at every corner. I saw a guy wake up from the bench he was sleeping o…

And others are declaring him a "New York great."

subway track smoker is right up there with ground zero $30 hot dog guy as a new york great

"New York City's new mayor."

New York City's new mayor is this guy just chilling on the subway tracks smoking a cigarette

Basically, this.

@ShonNotSean @Powdah man New York City is crazy as hell lol

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