This Teen Got Extra Credit Because She Did An Amazing Drawing Of A Meme On Her Math Test

"He is legend for doing this."

Maeve Lindell is a 16-year-old who just wrapped up her sophomore year at Hendrickson High School in Pflugerville, Texas. She told BuzzFeed News she has had a passion for drawing since she was a young girl.

She usually draws whatever pops into her head at the time.

"It could be influenced by an event that happened to me, or just something completely random," she said.

Maeve has a habit of drawing on her tests, including those she takes in her algebra 2 class with teacher Jordan Marks.

"I've always drawn on my tests for his class and he loves them," Maeve said of her teacher.

Recently, Maeve had to take a test on logarithms and exponential equations (ugh). She said she was getting a little frustrated on a problem, so she decided to do a drawing of the latest and greatest SpongeBob meme.

When Maeve got her test back, she was totally shocked to see that her teacher not only appreciated the meme, he had also given her seven(!) extra points for it.

Maeve decided to share her proud moment on Twitter, and people totally loved it.

My teacher gave me bonus points for this I'm dead

They sent rounds of applause to both Maeve and Marks.

not all heroes wear capes

And of course, took the opp to meme the meme.

@apaesthet1c mY TeAcHeR GaVE mE bOnUS pOiNtS FoR tHiS i'M dEAd

A lot of people praised Marks as teacher goals.

They said they did not have the same experience with their ~artwork~ in class.

I drew a meme on my test in English class once and my teacher said "Grow up Drew"

"He is legend for doing this, my teachers would legit argue with you," one person said.

he is legend for doing this, my teachers would legit argue with you

On top of going viral, the best part of the story is that Maeve's extra credit bumped up her grade in a big way.

"It ended up bumping up my total grade in the grade books enough so I wouldn't have to take the final," she said.

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