People Are Shook By This Baseball Team's Fish Mascot That Pukes Out Its Spine

Who is she?

The Chiba Lotte Marines are a Japanese baseball team. Recently they introduced a new mascot — this cool fish.

The fish has been delighting fans in Japan by dancing around at games (dat fish got moves).

Sometimes, the fish would even "swim" on the grass, reported.

On Saturday, the team wrote on Twitter that its "mystery fish" was about to ~evolve~ into its "third form."

いよいよ明日、第3形態に進化を遂げる魚。想像を絶する変化を見せるとの調査結果も出ています。5回裏に注目です。グヒヒヒヒ、と謎の魚。(謎の魚調査チーム) #chibalotte

It "evolved" at a game over the weekend. And...OMG, wtf is happening???

【報告】謎チョウチンアンコウ進化。#提灯鮟鱇対策本部 #提鮟対 #chibalotte

魚の第3形態を至近距離から撮影する事が出来ました。(広報) #chibalotte #謎の魚

The "evolution" appears to be the fish puking out its own "spine."

The spine then dances pretty fabulously, while simultaneously being creepy AF.


People at home and abroad were shook.

Not totally sure what's even going on here. But I've watched it a hundred times anyway



And of course, people memed it.

trying to get over a hangover like

"Me trying shed this extra weight."

me trying shed this extra weight

Sadly, however, spine fish is a limited-time-only mascot. It has since returned to the ocean, according to CBS Sports.

The Chiba Lotte Marines in Japan are sending their amazing fish mascot back to the sea (Pic: @sn_baseball_jp)…

However, CBS Sports reported the fish may return at some point. We can dream!

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