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Adobe Is Being Called "Tone-Deaf" After "Making" A Woman Smile In A Demo

"It's extremely not okay to sell a product by demonstrating its power to manipulate women to your liking," one user wrote.

Posted on September 9, 2015, at 3:00 p.m. ET

As you've probably heard, Apple held its annual fall event where it shows off its new products on Wednesday.

Stephen Lam / Getty Images

One of the presentations at the event was by Adobe, the maker of Photoshop and Flash.

During the presentation, Adobe's director of design, Eric Snowden, introduced a new feature called Adobe Fix. The feature has facial detection, and lets you change a person's facial features in a photo.

But people aren't too happy with how Adobe chose to demonstrate this feature. Snowden showed it off by editing a smile onto a woman with a neutral expression.

RIDICULOUS. Adobe Photoshop Fix, new app has face recognition and can turn a frown upside down! #AppleEvent

"I can just give her a little more of a smile," he said.

People on Twitter immediately called out Apple, who approved the presentation, and Adobe as being a little misogynistic by "making" a woman smile.

Yeah, make that woman smile, Apple

And said the choice of demo was pretty tone-deaf.


Many people wondered why they would choose to demo the product in this way

how did someone at Apple OR Adobe not think through the optics of a dude "fixing" a woman's smile?

And said it was "not OK."

It's extremely not okay to sell a product by demonstrating its power to manipulate women to your liking.

This demo is horrific, Adobe. Not the way Apple should have women on-stage. πŸ˜•

Other people had jokes.

Watch out, Mona Lisa.

Mona Lisa, Apple and Adobe coming for your smile. It's not quite right. #AppleEvent

BuzzFeed News has contacted Adobe and Apple for comment, but Scott Belsky, Adobe's vice president of products and community, wrote on Twitter that he knows his "team" meant no offense.

@drew i know team never meant for photoshop demo to be offensive. #1 use of retouch apps is for selfies, intention was to show off the tech

And said he doesn't like the implication that a man should "make" a woman smile either.

@drew watching live, got excited seeing ppl like feature and retweeted. but I agree, don't like the "make someone smile" context. At all.