People Are Obsessed With This Video Of Roommates Kicking A Rat Out Of Their Apartment


Jody Mackin is a senior at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. She told BuzzFeed News she lives in a house with three other girls, Logan, Briana, and Meg.

Jody has lived in the house for two years, and unfortunately has dealt with a disgusting problem: rats.

"We had a rat last year right around this time and it was huge," she said.

Jody and her roomies caught the rat with a trap, and thought they'd patched up the hole — but the rats came back, and this week, they found another one.

"We were all freaking out," she said.

After they couldn't get an exterminator to come in time, the roomies decided to take matters into their own hands. They cornered the rat in the shower, and then devised a trap.

We came up with this ridiculous plan to get this rat out of our house and IT ACTUALLY WORKED!!!! BYE BITCH

They blocked off every corner to make the rat run a path out of the bathroom. Logan then coaxed it out with a broom.

The rat then bounced down the stairs, and Logan's boyfriend Bo finished it off by slap-shotting it with a broom.

Jody said she thought the video was funny so she shared it on Twitter. It totally blew up, and the girls were hailed as heroes.

Some felt bad for the rat.

@jodeball4REALZ it's so sad watching him flop down the stairs 😭

Or made Ratatouille references.

@jodeball4REALZ @Sami__Sosa all he wanted was to cook you guys some dinner

But most people were like, "Smack that bitch out the door."

@jodeball4REALZ smack that bitch out the door like

F that rat.

No thanks.

@jodeball4REALZ reading the "this is horrible" comments like.... y'all really gonna let a rat live for free up in y…

And a lot of people were impressed with their trap.

@jodeball4REALZ you guys just did this irl

Or just thought it was hilarious.

@Jacob_Collins27 @jodeball4REALZ my favorite part was the rat bouncing on the stairs. Like something in a cartoon. I was dying.

Bo's impressive smack with the broom also inspired many.


(For those wondering about the skills behind Bo's shot, Jody said he does play hockey for fun.)

@jodeball4REALZ Hockey scouts about to be approaching you guys like...

Jody said she and her roommates are "freaking out" about all the comments on her video.

She said in response to the people sad about the rat, at least it lived, versus what would've happened if it had been caught in a trap.

She added they have found the hole the rats were coming from, so hopefully there will be no more critters in their home.

"For the most part we have it under control," she said.

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