This Flight 666 Destined For HEL Is Metal AF

Um, no thank you, I will walk.

For reasons unknown, on Friday, Jan. 13, people decided to board a flight numbered 666 destined for HEL.

The Finnair flight from Copenhagen, Denmark, to Helsinki, Finland, is scheduled regularly, but took on a spooky sort of significance on Friday.

The flight takes about an hour and a half, according to

To make matters worse, FlightRadar24 reported that the aircraft that made the flight on Friday was 13 years old.

A lot of people said they wouldn't step foot on that plane.

@flightradar24 Who the heck would get on this flight?

What else could they have in there?

@flightradar24 With black cats and broken mirrors in the cargo hold? :-)

Although some were actually jealous?

@flightradar24 Would have loved to be on THIS flight. :)

But despite taking a huge risk, the passengers and crew landed safely. In fact, the flight was even early. Welcome to HEL!

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