A 3-Foot-Long Giant Baby Bunny Died After Traveling On A United Airlines Flight

RIP Simon.

A baby bunny named Simon, who was expected to grow to be a giant, dog-sized rabbit, died on a United Airlines flight on Monday while on his way to meet his new owner.

Death of potentially world-record-breaking rabbit named Simon at O'Hare adds to United Airlines woes.… https://t.co/wKpqRHTzRJ

The bunny was traveling from the UK home of Annette Edwards, a breeder of giant rabbits, to Chicago. A United Airlines spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that Simon arrived in good health, and was transported to a holding area.

Edwards raises and breeds Continental Giant rabbits from the UK and sells them "all over the world," according to her website. One of her rabbits, Darius, has the world record as the "longest bunny in the world," she claims.

The bunny's death comes after a rough few weeks of publicity for United Airlines.

Footage of police dragging of a doctor off a United plane in Chicago caused international outrage and has led to legal action against the company.

Last month, the airline also came under criticism after barring three girls from boarding a flight because they were wearing leggings.

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