This Guy Hands Out Business Cards To Ladies At The Club And People Think It's Genius TBH

"That's some Tom Haverford nonsense right there."

Marissa is a 21-year-old student and designer from California. She told BuzzFeed News she was at a club in Oakland recently when a funny thing happened to her.

She was dancing with friends near the stage when she felt someone put a card in her hand, and a guy behind her told her to text him.

"I didn't say anything to him and I was initially going to throw the card on the ground because I wasn't interested," she said.

However, Marissa decided to hold onto the card because she "knew it was going to more than likely be hilarious." She was not disappointed, look at this EFFORT.

The guy had printed out a double-sided business card with a photo of himself, and a million ways to contact him.

Marissa said she thought it was hilarious because it was "so much effort" just to shoot his shot.

"The card is so next level, I gotta admit the man is truly revolutionary, he's from the future," she said.

Marissa decided to share the card on Twitter, where it quickly went viral for being so extra.

YALL last night at the club some guy handed me this and told me to text him. WE ARE IN 2017 THIS MAN IS IN 3017

People crowned him the king of doing the most.

@marissuh_x U better have texted him...he really did the most...what a king

It was both "retro AND chic."

@marissuh_x Excellent networking. A calling card? That's both retro AND chic.

"That's some Tom Haverford nonsense right there."

@marissuh_x that's some tom haverford nonsense right there 😂

The man behind the card is DeMonté Lane, a 28-year-old who raps under the name Fantastical Carpé. He told BuzzFeed News he also produces his own beats, and performs at venues around the Oakland area.

However, Lane has also been using the cards to shoot his shot with the ladies, rather than asking for their number.

Once he realized his card was going viral, Lane decided to try one more time with Marissa. "Although I wasn't interested, I can appreciate a truly revolutionary business card," she said in response to his efforts.

@marissuh_x someone snitched and he's still trying to shoot his shot. a true revolutionary

Lane said his social media have been blowing up since the tweet went viral, and he has gained thousands of Instagram followers.


Since Marissa didn't blur out his number on her tweet, he said he has even been getting phone calls.

"I'm doing my best to answer every call whether they hang up in my face or chat for a minute," he said. "I'm answering every DM personally with links to my music. Every reply is a potential fan or few."

Gotta respect the hustle!

@saruhjoy @marissuh_x Someone let the man get some clout he's gunna be famous one day

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