This Teen Has A Simple Hack For Not Messing Up Her Makeup That Has A Lot Of People Applauding

Praise the lawd.

Evamarie Lopez is a 16-year-old from a small town in California who says she "loves makeup." Recently, she came up with a silly but kind of brilliant hack for keeping her products off of her clothes when getting ready.

Her solution? A plastic bag over her head.

Simple, a little ridiculous, but effective. And no, apparently makeup doesn't get on the bag.

Evamarie shared her hack on Twitter to be funny, and her tweet went viral for its silliness and low-key brilliance.

When u don't wanna get makeup your shirt

Many people appreciated the tip.

@_evamariie @_annacontreras1 i should try this bc my makeup always ends up on my shirt

Shirts were saved!

@cristinaaaa_09 @_annacontreras1 @_evamariie Shit, I usually just end up stretching the collar of my shirt 🤦🏼‍♀️

Praise the lawd.

@_evamariie While I'm over here...

It's extra, but it's worth it.

@CamiPickett @FIirtationship @Bek_69 @briwilliamson19 @RaiganPage @SmackinFiends @BeeMoneyyy @talermiller So you th…

Other people said they've been doing this for a while, and it really does work.

@_evamariie @zoe_hendersonx @nataliecarter_x someone stole my technique

Trick as old as time.

@_evamariie @ShalynBagley BIH I could've been viral 7 years ago like how long have I been doing this 😫

And some women shared their own hacks.

@_evamariie Just put a scarf over your head. It's a trick models have been using for years, plus you can breathe th…


@_evamariie @emilysandford_ ITS ME AND MY PILLOWCASE

This is good in a pinch, too.

@_evamariie ive always flipped my hair over my face and put my shirts on like that haha

Basically, teens are the future.

@loumagu10 ?????? She's in 3017 we're suck in 2017. Why didn't we think of this

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