This Street Sweeper Became An Internet Sensation After Her Photos Went Viral

Brazil's Rita Mattos has become a viral sensation in her country.

This is Rita Mattos of Brazil.

Mattos recently became a viral sensation in her country because of her job.

The 24-year-old works as a street cleaner for Municipal Urban Cleaning Company in Rio de Janeiro.

Recently, photos of Mattos in her work uniform began to circulate on WhatsApp and other social media networks. She soon became a bit of a social media star, gaining over 12,000 fans on Instagram.

But her new fame came with some downsides. Some of her new fans commented that Mattos was too attractive to have a job as a cleaner.

Mattos, though, had a great response. She told BuzzFeed News that those who are shocked to see her working as a cleaner should realize it is a respectable job.

"People think that by being street sweeper we have to be ugly," she said. "They think I'm too pretty for this job, but I did not think anything of it."

She added that she is not ashamed of her job. "It's just a worthy job like any other," she said.

Since her photos went viral, Mattos said she gets hundreds of messages a day. "There are people who try to call me through Facebook. Some I answer. I just don't share my WhatsApp number, or things would become crazy," she said.

At first, Mattos said her fame made her nervous, but she has decided to embrace it. She has set up a fan page and is hoping for modeling opportunities.

Despite her new fame, she said has no plans to quit street cleaning. “My colleagues are supporting me a lot and I do not think about leaving my job now,” she said.

Mattos said in the future, she hopes to attend college to study business administration.

In the meantime, she is using her new platform to show thousands the good work that street cleaners do every day.