Serena Williams' Baby Clapping For Her Mom Is The Cutest Thing I've Seen In A While

But she also clapped for her Aunt Venus, who her mom was playing!

On Thursday night, Serena Williams lost to her sister Venus in a 2018 Mubadala World Tennis Championship match in Abu Dhabi.

However, the scene-stealer of the match was another Williams woman, Serena's daughter, Olympia Ohanian.

Olympia's proud dad, Alexis Ohanian, tweeted, though, that Olympia's a good sport. She clapped for both her mom and her auntie.

Proud of @OlympiaOhanian today, who clapped her little babyhands for every single point, whether it was for Mama or Auntie V. 👏🏻

I mean...

People couldn't get enough of her.

She's perfect. @OlympiaOhanian @serenawilliams @alexisohanian

But no one thought it was cuter than her mom and aunt.

In fact, Serena said it was her highlight of the match.

"That's a classy baby, you know, she applauds both mommy and my opponent, who happened to be her auntie. That was the highlight, seeing her clap, it was so cute," she told Sports 360.

For her auntie, Olympia's cuteness was hard to ignore.

"She was so cute in the stands, such a little person, she was so good, it was so cute, I tried not to get distracted, it was really hard," Venus said.

They truly are the CFOAT (Cutest Family of All Time).


Venus Williams won the match. A previous version of this article misstated the winner.

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