People Are Taking Smiling Selfies At The Scene Of The NYC Explosion That Killed 2 People

The New York Post and others blasted the trend, calling them "village idiots."

On Thursday, two people were killed and over two dozen were injured after an explosion leveled buildings in New York City's East Village neighborhood.

But to some people in the city, the scene was nothing more than a perfect place for a selfie.


Everyone should flag garbage person @christinafreund for taking a despicable selfie at site of East Village explosion


@evgrieve please someone return them to times square

Even reporters were doing it.

A reporter for @Univision snaps a selfie while covering East Village fire

The selfie snappers were met with rage on social media and local newspapers, with the New York Post deeming them "village idiots."

Selfie taken outside site of East Village explosion sparks outrage by @Stableford

Twitter users were equally harsh.

PSA: Don't be this person. Ever: Tourist Takes Smiling Selfie From East Village Explosion Site

I hope those 8 @nypost #villageidiots feel SOME remorse now, but they used a selfie stick at an explosion site, all they care for is 'Likes'

Psychopaths take selfie in front of 2nd Ave explosion. Later seen digging through rubble for fries. Pic c/o @evgrieve

One of the selfie-takers told the New York Post they were trying to be satirical, but it backfired.

"My intention was to point out how many people post selfies in inappropriate times and it backfired," Jeanie Slade said.