This Amazon Ad Featuring Muslim And Christian Friends Is Giving People A Lot Of Feelings

"An Amazon prime commercial just made me cry."

People are praising Amazon for a new holiday ad featuring a Christian priest and a Muslim imam who are old friends.

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The ad shows the two friends meeting for a cup of tea and shows they both have bad knees. The friends then decide to order each other the same gift: knee pads to cushion the floor when kneeling to pray.

The ad features two religious leaders from the UK, the Telegraph reported. Their names are Rev. Gary Bradley, vicar in London, and Zubeir Hassam, an imam.

Hassam told the newspaper he wasn't acting, but "being himself."

“I honestly didn’t think about it – I think the message is very good – people from different backgrounds can share gifts and can see each other," he said. "“With all the bad publicity we have got this is a very, very positive ad showing that people of different faiths can get together.”

The ad has touched many people, especially considering the rhetoric occurring right now in American politics. really nice. and right now? nice is EVERYTHING. :-)

"We need more of that," said one person.

Amazon ad with the imam and the priest makes me cry. Beautiful commercial. Good job, @amazon. We need more of that.

People called it "beautiful."

How beautiful is the Amazon Prime ad? Literally has me in tears 😭❤️

And said it had them in tears.

How beautiful is the Amazon Prime ad? Literally has me in tears😢

"An Amazon prime commercial just made me cry," this person wrote.

An Amazon prime commercial just made me cry, I guess you could say

Others said they wished Americans could follow the example of the two religious leaders.

Why can't America be like that @amazon commercial with the two guys? Thank you Amazon for giving us hope & for making me cry

"The new Amazon commercial with the priest and the imam made me cry. It is the America I want to live in," one person said.

The new Amazon commercial with the priest and the imam made me cry. It is the America I want to live in.

"Maybe we can all get along," said another.

Best commercial I've seen🙏🏾 a Priest and a Imam🙌🏽... shout out to @Amazon for this🤗. Maybe we can all get along ✌️

They said especially around the holidays, love trumps hate.

Did y'all see that Amazon commercial with the catholic priest and the Muslim!? Warmed my heart. In a world full of hate we can choose love!

And some through some shade at Donald Trump.

Businesses must deliver the message of anti-hate. We're not going to get it from @realDonaldTrump. Well done @amazon

"In the era of Trump this Amazon commercial about Christians and Muslims getting along is kind of poignant," said one.

in the era of trump this amazon commercial about christians and muslims getting along is kind of poignant

The CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos also tweeted his approval of the ad, saying he was "very proud" of the team.

Love this TV commercial for Amazon Prime. Very proud of our ad team.

Although some people weren't too happy about the message.

A spokeswoman for Amazon told BuzzFeed News their ads aim to celebrate "every day heroes," and this one is no exception.

"Whether that be the grandad who buys a leaf blower to help push his grandchild on a swing, or the woman whose ingenious use of a cat flap helps the lonely tiny horse enjoy her home," she said. "Our new advertisement follows this theme."

She added that the ad was not a response to the recent election, as it was filmed over the summer.

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