People Are Worried About Melania Trump After Seeing These "Sad" Pics

But others say that people are just intentionally picking bad photos.

On Friday, Melania Trump officially became the first lady of the United States. Plenty of photos of the day caught the president's wife looking happy and excited.

However, one Twitter user found some photos of Melania looking not exactly happy, or ignored by her husband. The user tweeted them out, and they since have gone super viral.

this makes me really sad, i genuinely feel bad for her. he doesn't appreciate her and she doesn't seem happy at all

"This makes me really sad, I genuinely feel bad for her. he doesn't appreciate her and she doesn't seem happy at all," the user wrote.

Many people started to share other photos of Melania appearing to look glum on her big day.

@hydroponicjuan But Wait,There's more! #FreeMelania

Or pics of her apparently ignored.

Apparently Melania slept through lesson two of Dating 101: Stay away from a guy who walks 15 steps ahead of you.#sad

They also found GIFs.

A lot of people said they "felt bad" for her.

@hydroponicjuan Here's one. Feel bad for her. She did not sign up for this.

And then "Sad Melania" officially became a meme.

Melania Trump look like she belong on the cover of Take Care

@hydroponicjuan when you're under appreciated but he make you flotus

Of course, some incorporated her Tiffany's box.

Everyone was wondering what was in the Tiffany box that Melania handed Michelle Obama... We were hoping it was thi…

However, a lot of people said the hand-wringing over "Sad Melania" was insane, and the memes were using bad pics.

@hydroponicjuan u see how easy it is to portray something off a few pictures when u know nothing about it but a few…

"Looks pretty happy to me," said one person.

@hydroponicjuan looks pretty happy to me..

And still others said that even if the first lady is sad, they still don't feel sympathy for her.

Melania is a rich, privileged 46 year old woman who willingly married Trump, had his child, and furthered the birth…

As for the first lady herself, over the weekend she sent out her first tweet as FLOTUS. So don't worry everyone, it looks like she is OK.

I am deeply honored to serve this wonderful country as First Lady!

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