The “Rugby Hottie” Wants All Girls To Know They Are Just As Tough

A video of Australian rugby player Georgia Page playing with a broken nose is getting a ton of attention. Now, Page says she hopes she can inspire girls to try out the sport.

Georgia Page plays women's rugby for Lindenwood University in Missouri. However, after this weekend she is now known as the "Rugby War Goddess."

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The Australian was playing in a match on Thursday when she broke her nose in the first tackle of the game.

"I remember falling down and thinking, oh my god, my nose is on the other side of my face," Page told BuzzFeed News.

She added that she was also playing with separated AC joint that day.

However, Page was undeterred and kept playing. She even made another tackle before she was taken off. "I just got up and started playing again," she said.

USA Sevens Rugby shared a video of Page with blood pouring down her face, and dubbed her the "Rugby War Goddess." The video soon blew up online.

Since then, Page has been called everything from the "Rugby Hottie" to a "chick" who is "way hotter than you think." Of course, she has also been turned into a meme.

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The experience has been completely insane, according to Page.

She told BuzzFeed News she was on a plane going home to Australia when the video blew up, and when she landed she had hundreds of friend requests.

Page said that very few media outlets covering the story ever asked her about it, and some of them even found pictures of her in sports bras and posted them online.

She added that she thinks her "war goddess" nickname is pretty hilarious.

"I honestly started laughing," she said.

However, Page said she is happy that all of the media attention is shining a spotlight onto her sport. "I love how it does show what rugby is really about," she said.

Page said that it upsets her to see how little coverage women's rugby gets by sports networks, saying that NBC Sports only played their game in the background of another segment. "It's kind of sad," she said.

Page hopes the coverage she has received shines a light on women's rugby, and hopefully gets more people interested in watching and playing the sport. "I hope that it's a good promoter for women's rugby," she said.

Page added that she wants girls to know, they are all tough enough to play rugby too. "I hope that it does empower girls to want to play rugby," she said.

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