This Dad Is Using His Identical Twin Girls To Freak People Out At Hotels

Come play with us.

Meet Poppy and Isabella, 4-year-old identical twin girls from England who are already skilled at pranking.

They have some help from their dad, Martin Hughes, who told BuzzFeed News he has had some ideas ever since his girls were born.

"As soon as we found out we were having identical twins I thought The Shining," he said. "As they've gotten older and we can travel and stay in hotels, it was a given that I’d get them to stand holding hands in the hallway for a joke."

Now that the girls are old enough to stand still, Hughes decided to snap the ~spooky photos~ when the family recently stayed in London. Safe to say, they nailed it.

Spot on...😨

They even freaked out some hotel guests, Hughes said.

"They’re too young to leave there to spook people directly but when we’ve had them do the pose then stood back and someone’s turned the corner they’ve gasped and gone a little green — ‘Oh god!’" he said.

The girls, of course, don't really get it but "like doing it," Hughes added.

"I jokingly taught them ‘come and play with us’ not long ago and now they do it around the house while holding hands and standing still," he said. "They’re going to love Halloween in a couple of years."

Hughes decided to share one of his hallway pictures on Twitter because it was "too good a photo not to tweet." People could not handle it.

Love making my girls do this in hotels to shit people up, makes the grief of having twins worthwhile.

@wefail @MeredithFrost That's tremendous! Your daughters are way less scary than the one's in the flick (too cute in other words)

And called it "parenting done right."

@wefail @naeshitsherlock now that is parenting done so freeking right...

Some said that they would be sufficiently freaked.

@wefail @TheDaiLlew 😂😂 that's mint. #TheShining I love it. I would check out & book another hotel. Cute kids that speak to their finger. 😬

But other twin parents said they have tried it too.

@wefail @FraserC69 We do the same. Doing it here, in Oregon, was fun:

Hughes said the replies were mostly good, but some were a little weird.

"Someone actually argued that demons are real and it’d legally be my fault if the girls were hurt when someone thought they were actual ghosts. ... Those people are way scarier than the girls, and in future maybe I’ll stand with them dressed as Mr. Grady for protection," he said.

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