Rats Will Crawl Around You As You Eat At This New Creepy Cafe

It's like one of those cat cafes, but creepy AF.

Have you ever been enjoying a coffee, tea, or nice breakfast pastry and thought to yourself: "A rat crawling on the table would make this a much better experience." Well, you're in luck, if you are in San Francisco, that is.

The San Francisco Dungeon is a "60-minute, live-action journey through 200 years’ worth of the Bay Area’s most riveting — and sinister — history." Now, for a limited time this summer, it is offering guests a new creepy experience.

For just $50, people can "sip their coffee while seated at bistro-style tables, nicely draped with red and white gingham tablecloths...all while being surrounded by live rats." You will get coffee, tea, or water, and a breakfast pastry.

Reviews of the new experience online were mixed. Some people were totally in.

Rats anyone, so cute. Shame it's only for two days. San Francisco’s Newest Tourist Trap: Rat Cafe https://t.co/ZbeCPSwgje


How amazing would that be? #petrats #ratcafe https://t.co/txQdmP67nu

Others were like, no why WTF.

Someone’s opening a rat cafe and we’re confused as to why - https://t.co/AHpAW14tt0 https://t.co/AICVQ26oHw

Nope nope nope.

This is just a big scoop of nope, never and why? San Francisco is getting a rat cafe! https://t.co/JVIvHLl8og

"I thought you paid to NOT have rats near where you eat and drink."

I thought you paid to NOT have rats near where you eat and drink. https://t.co/QpO6xUxyd5 #SFproblems #wtf #ratcafe

If you're down with this, you better hurry. The cafe will only be open on July 1 and July 8.

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