Moms Are Painting Their Babies' Butts To Look Like Pumpkins For This Hot New Instagram Trend

"I wish my cellulite butt looked that cute."

Moms, break out your easels. The hottest Instagram trend of the season is here: painting a pumpkin on your baby's butt.

That's right, moms (and dads!) are painting their little tyke's tushies and sharing on social media with the hashtag #pumpkinbutt to get into the fall spirit.

"I wish my cellulite butt looked that cute," wrote this mom, Mari.

"One day they are going to hate us....but til they can fight us off, we shall paint their bums!" wrote mom Jessica.

Some moms have a whole patch!

Double trouble!

The trend has been around for at least a few years, but has gotten huge with the spread of Instagram.

The idea has also exploded on Pinterest, where moms are even sharing tips to get the perfect shot.

A lot of people think the trend is fall "cuteness overload."

"Omg!! This is the cutest thing ever!"

However, not everyone is into the pumpkin butts.

I'm sorry but I don't find naked baby pictures to be appealing. Like I find zero joy in seeing a pumpkin painted on your child's butt. Pass.

In fact one mom blogger, Gina Fenton of Extreme Mom, even wrote a post telling moms to "Say NO to Pumpkin Butts!"

She argued that "babies are not chalk boards or blank canvases, for God’s sake."

"Worse yet is posting these humiliating photos on the Internet for everyone and their brother to copy, paste and pin to Pinterest where the copy-paste-post cycle will repeat for all of eternity," Fenton wrote. "Soon enough, Pumpkin Butt will grow into a child with emotions who’s capable of independent thought and will more than likely resent the hell out of the artist."

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