These College Kids Turned Up Too Hard After Homecoming And Collapsed The Floor In Their Apartment

Luckily, police said no one was seriously injured.

A huge college party in Texas got so rowdy on Saturday night that jumping partygoers caused the floor to collapse, sending people flying down into the apartments below.

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The incident occurred at The Ridges, a student-only complex near the University of North Texas, early Sunday morning.

The school had won its homecoming game against the University of Texas at El Paso on Saturday night.

Luckily, the Denton Police Department wrote on Twitter that no one was seriously hurt. Partygoers soon posted videos of the collapse, and they are totally wild.

One video, filmed by Mickey Hicks, shows people crawling up rubble to escape.

Hicks told BuzzFeed News he recently got out of the military and will be starting at the school in the fall. He helped pull people out of the rubble.

Another attendee, 22-year-old DeeJay Priestly, told BuzzFeed News he estimated as many as 150 people were there.

He said everyone at the party went "crazy" when "Faneto" by Chief Keef started playing.

"Everybody started jumping up and down. Then all of a sudden, you can feel the roof vibrating, the center of the floor caved in, then it started spread throughout the whole floor."

Priestly said he was leaning against a wall, so he didn't fall in. "I literally saw my three friends fall through that were right in front of me," Priestly said.

Priestly is not a student at the school, but was attending the party with a few friends who are students.

"A few of my friends I saw fall through the roof suffered a few injuries," he said.

However, according to NBC 5, it could have been much worse. Some of the students who lived below had been home, but left right before the collapse to report the party.

After the game on @NBCDFW: Jumping partygoers cause apartment floor to collapse onto unit below. 2 UNT students had…

"My door has never shaked before," one of the roommates, Briceida Castro, told the station. "And I knew at that moment that I had to leave. I told my roommate, 'We're leaving. Like right now.'"

Castro and her roommate took photos of the crowds for evidence and drove to the police station. They got there only four minutes before police were notified of the collapse, NBC 5 reported.

Castro told NBC 5 they had heard their neighbors have these huge parties "almost every weekend."

Castro and her four roommates were safe, but almost all of their things were destroyed.

PLEASE kids, stay safe.

It’s 7:32 am. i just got back to my dorm from the hospital. i have a sprained knee and serious bruising. i fell thr…

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