Fans Are Angry With Ashley Benson After She Posed In A "Cecil The Lion" Costume

People are pretty pissed at the Pretty Little Liars star.

Pretty Little Liars star and Instagram sensation Ashley Benson has made a lot of her fans mad by posing in a "Cecil the Lion" costume on Tuesday.

Benson originally posted the photo with the caption: "Help! Can’t decide on my Halloween costume this year! What do you guys think of this cecil the lion costume?"

“Pretty Little Liars” star @AshBenzo drew ire after posing in a Cecil the lion costume.

Of course, Cecil was the well-known lion that was killed by a hunter from Minnesota earlier this year. The case sparked massive outrage.

The costume Benson wore is called a "Deluxe Lion" and is being sold by

The online store also sells a "Cecil the Lion" costume. The website says 20% of the proceeds from the costume will go to "a Global Conservation Organization to support global conservation initiatives."

Animal lovers were quick to yell at Benson for what they said was an insensitive costume choice.

What on earth was Ashley Benson's thought process in thinking a Cecil the lion Halloween costume was a good idea to share?? Just no, no ...

Others called it a "stupid" move.

Stop making stupid people famous! 'Ashley Benson Upsets Fans With Controversial Cecil the Lion Halloween Costume'

And said she should have known better.

A friendly reminder to Ashley Benson and the rest of the world: a Cecil the Lion costume is NOT a good idea.

But some said people were overreacting and needed to worry about other issues.

White people mad at Ashley Benson for dressing up like a lion but "sexy Indian girl" is their costume of choice

Shortly after the backlash started, Benson removed "Cecil the Lion" from her post. She then blamed it on her "management."

She added that it was an "unfortunate oversight," and she is a supporter of "animal conservation."


The hunter who killed Cecil the Lion is from Minnesota. A previous version of this story incorrectly stated where he was from.

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