This Teen Is Making Totally Adorable Drawings Out Of Dick Pics Random Dudes Send Her On Twitter

Aww, so cute!

Sasha, an 18-year-old from Texas, has grown a considerable following on Twitter by posting beautiful pics of herself, like the ones below. However, this also means she gets a lot of nasty messages from men.

Sasha told BuzzFeed News she usually gets about two to three dick pics sent to her per week from men she doesn't know, and she tries to just ignore them.

"I choose not to open my messages [on Twitter] a lot unless they're from girls," she said.

However, Sasha has come up with a pretty hilarious way to deal with all the random dicks in her life. She turns them into adorable little pictures.

So cute!


Pretty as a picture.

Why so serious there, buddy?

Sasha said she usually doesn't post her creations on Twitter because "people prefer not to see dicks on their timeline." But on Wednesday she made an exception and sent this photo to the original sender with the caption "hey doll."

Sasha'a followers really appreciated her ~art~.

"He looks so smooth."

@nugfaerie @vyzdoravlivay He looks so smooth 😭

Although some were grossed out.

@vyzdoravlivay @shantelachele I'm puking


@vyzdoravlivay Come on! I've just had dinner, add a warning to that shit!

Watch out, men of the world. Sasha takes no prisoners.

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