People Are Completely Disgusted By This Tip From PETA On How To Help A Possum

A thousand times no.

This week, PETA decided to share a tip with all the animal lovers out there who may run across a possum that appears to be dead. They illustrated it with this picture.

If you find an opossum who appears to be dead, doing THIS could save lives!

Wait, what in the actual fuck?

Are they...are they suggesting we do THIS?

This tweet from Twitter user Jackson Knight, which has gone viral, pretty much says it all.

PETA really think I'm about to walk up to what appears to be a dead ass possum and open up its coochie pouch to see…

Everyone was totally shook by the tweet.

Like, WTF PETA, are you trying to get us killed?

@jacksonknightt @SwallowThatShit so @peta really telling people to open an animal that literally plays dead to survive and carries rabies?

Nobody got time for that.

@McDomalds I am so dead! Lmao who the fuck has the time

PETA is the most extra extra to ever extra.

@Rebeccadannie @jacksonknightt wtttttfffff why they gotta be so extraaaaaaaaa

Others were like, why would I want to save one?

@jacksonknightt @spiderlou2099 Those things are horrid creatures to begin with, why would I want to save one, let alone a litter?

Don't they carry rabies?

@peta @k_manning2 they play dead sometimes soooo what if you do this and it bites you? I mean I guess I could live with rabies. Oh wait 😕

And wouldn't performing a possum C-section be straight up disgusting?

@jacksonknightt but then AFTER that they want you to take the dead one to a vet with the babies inside it

ALSO...don't possums play dead? Isn't that, like, their thing?

@peta possums always play dead. Who you tryna give rabies. nah fam. y'all got me fucked up.

We are gonna be screwed if they play dead and bite us.

@peta this how our moms going to look at us. Cause we done possibly caught rabies from a bite and yall president do…

Seriously, I am not touching this.

.@peta like this one? Jk it's already dead

In conclusion: No.


We are out.

OK, fine, here's at least one person who's cool with this.

@peta -People are misunderstanding this! You would do this to a dead possum - to save it's babies!

In response to the reaction, a PETA spokesperson had this to say:

PETA encourages people to look out for wildlife in need, including mother opossums' orphaned babies. Every one of those retweets spreads this lifesaving message a little bit further. If each person who retweeted this joke also helped an animal in need, we'd really be getting somewhere!

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