A Train Full Of Human Poop Has Been Stinking Up A Small Town For Months

"It's just pure feces. It catches you sometimes, just coming through the air."

UPDATE: The poop train has reportedly left the station.

CBS 42 in Birmingham reported on Wednesday that the trains full of feces plaguing an Alabama town have finally left.

Mayor Heather Hall confirmed to CBS 42 the last poop train last Tuesday.

BuzzFeed News' original story is below.

If you've ever complained about your hometown (and who amongst us hasn't?), at least you aren't currently living in Parrish, Alabama. Residents there have been enduring a train filled with ROTTING HUMAN POOP for months. 💩

I know this sounds too disgusting to be true, but unfortunately for the town of about 1,000 residents, it is.

The approximately 250 train cars full of sewage from New York City and New Jersey have been stuck near the town for several months, the Daily Mountain Eagle reported last week.

The poop train has been stuck due to a fight between the government of a nearby town called West Jefferson, which doesn't want the trains to pass through it, and the sewage company, Big Sky Environmental.

The mayor of Parrish, Heather Hall, said a West Jefferson judge filed an injunction banning the cars from being transported through the town.

“So they had to halt the train at the nearest railroad spur location available, which just happened to be Parrish," Hall told the Daily Mountain Eagle.

That was in February. Since then, Hall has been fighting to get the containers — again, filled with HUMAN SHIT — out of her town. Meanwhile, they have been rotting in the Alabama sun, and residents say it is unbearable.

"It's just pure feces," resident Sherleen Pike told the AP. "It catches you sometimes, just coming through the air. It takes your breath away."

Hall told the AP the situation is a "nightmare."

“It smells like rotting corpses, or carcasses. It smells like death," she said.

Last week, the Parrish City Council issued an ultimatum to Big Sky Environmental: Get rid of your shit or we will sue you.

"If the last of the rail cars transporting the sewage sludge is not removed from our town by April 23, the Town of Parrish will file a lawsuit and injunction against Big Sky Environmental and its affiliates," Hall said, according to the Daily Mountain Eagle.

She added that some of the containers of poop have been removed, but about 80 are still there.

Hall told the AP the town is hoping all the poop will be gone by the time it gets really hot.

“We’re moving into the summer, and the summer in the South is not forgiving when it comes to stuff like this,” she said.

BuzzFeed News has contacted the city for the latest on the poop train.

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