People Are Dying Laughing At This Dad's Hilarious Idea That Lets Him Sleep In His Pool

Only a dad could come up with this.

This is Skyler Nitschke, an 18-year-old recent high school graduate from Louisiana, and her dad, Dan. Skyler told BuzzFeed News her dad is a contractor who flips houses, so he is a "very creative" guy.

Skyler Nitschke
Skyler Nitschke

"He's not like a regular dad," she said.

In fact, Skyler said her entire family, including her mom and three younger brothers, like to march to the beat of their own drum.

"We kind of do things out the box," she said.

A few days ago, Skyler was swimming with her friends when her dad came into the backyard and said, "All right, it's nap time." He proceeded to fall asleep face down in the pool.

Skyler Nitschke‏

He did so by using a genius hack only a dad could come up with. He bought a snorkel explicitly for the purpose of napping in his pool. Then he laid down, and voilà!

Skyler Nitschke‏

And yes, Skyler said he was actually asleep. In fact, he was so knocked out she was a little freaked out at first.

"He was dead asleep, I had to go wake him up," she said.

Dan later told Skyler he came up with his ~invention~ because he was tired of sleeping in the float facing forward, without being able to flip over.

"He does it all the time apparently," she said.

Skyler said she immediately thought she needed to tweet the photos. People were really down with Dan's innovation.

My dad bought a snorkel for the sole purpose of taking naps in the pool

Dan is now respected by so many people online.

@skyler_nitschke @acarboni I have never respected a stranger more than I do this man.

Some were even thinking of trying it for themselves.

@doodoggrimes @skyler_nitschke i'm already

Or shared other pool sleeping tips.

Although some who tried it warned there could be consequences if you don't warn your family first.

@skyler_nitschke @moneyziz Lmao I did this last week and my grandmother kicked me in the head cause she thought I was dead

And others were worried of him sleeping too long.

@skyler_nitschke At first I was like, mad respect bro. But seriously he's gonna get the worst sunburn on his back.

Dan is now enjoying his internet fame and all of the comments, according to his daughter.

Skyler Nitschke‏

"[He said] he has some great ideas and it's about time some people recognized him," she said.



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