Philly Gave Biden The Lead In Pennsylvania And The City Is Celebrating With Memes

Gritty 2020.

On Friday morning, voters out of Philadelphia gave Joe Biden the lead in the state of Pennsylvania.

And there it is: Biden takes the lead in PA by 5,587 votes w/ latest count out of Philadelphia.

The people of Philadelphia were pretty excited about it, as evidenced by their reactions.

West Philly reacts to Biden’s lead in Pennsylvania by dancing in the street, of course

it is 11:30am and Philly is absolutely vibing

The system works, it still works. I love this country, and couldn't be prouder of my city. #Philly

And took credit.

All across the internet, people both from Philly and not from Philly celebrated the city's unique culture and how it pulled Biden into the lead.

One of the most popular memes, unsurprisingly, featured Philly/American icon and hero, Gritty.

I just refreshed my google search and PA has flipped BLUUUUUE GRITTY IS STRONG

Life lesson: Gritty always win

The Biden-Harris campaign has released its proposed White House Christmas theme as all eyes turn to Philadelphia.

Lou Dobbs has to fight Gritty in a Philadelphia alley behind the vote count location now, sorry I don’t make the rules

Me: i love that its philly thats getting him to 270 bc that will just permanently seal Gritty into the American historical record @MiriBaker: the Good Orange defeats the Bad Orange

People also celebrated another city icon: the FX show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, including the show's star and creator and Philly native Rob McElhenney.

Considering the year.... this tracks.

Never has the title of a television show been more true. 😎 🇺🇸 #philly

@TylerRickyTynes Sweet Dee: Biden Charlie: Biden Frank: Trump Mac: Kanye (NOT a joke, studied his platform) Dennis: Never votes Net gain for the team

A lot of other parts of Philly culture became memes as well. I have to admit I don't get a lot of these, but here we go.

Like this historic detente.

FOR TODAY ONLY: Wawa > Sheetz Thank YOU PHILLY 🥰

Of course, some Rocky references.

Sports references.

Philly blue stepping over PA red like

One thing's for certain: Philly is now feeling prouder than ever.

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