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People Have Been Freaking Out After Seamless And GrubHub Had An Outage Nationwide

There were a lot of hangry customers.

Posted on August 30, 2015, at 11:34 a.m. ET

Seamless is a food delivery service that countless people rely on every night to ensure they don't starve.

In 2013, Seamless merged with GrubHub to become a major powerhouse in online food ordering.

But on Saturday, hungry customers who wanted to get food from either service were out of luck.


Both services experienced an "outage," a spokesperson told BuzzFeed News, resulting in a lot of very angry customers.

*calls restaurant because my food never got delivered and finds out they never got the order from the GrubHub*


People waited hours for orders that never came...

When @Seamless is down on a Saturday night and they never got your order, you be like...

Or came after they had already gone to bed.

I called @GrubHub last night 20 times to check on an order. And tweeted at them. Dinner showed up while we were sleeping, 3 hours late.

But the services were still charging customers for food they never received.

@GrubHub Cancel. And. Refund. My. Order. Good. God. Y'all.

When people tried to call customer service to resolve the issue, they were put on hold forever.

At the 30 minute hold mark. Breaking up with @Seamless. Bad customer service. Like, BAD.


Some customers were tweeting that they were placed on hold for more than 45 minutes.

@Seamless 45+ minutes on hold with no response on the phone or to any of my tweets....

And some had to call back on Sunday morning to try to resolve the problem.

@Seamless trying to resolve an issue from last night. Would like to speak with someone on the phone. Food arrived 3 hours late.

This resulted in a lot of hangry people.

What does NYC do when BOTH @GrubHub & @seamless are down on a Saturday night?! #freakingout #hangry

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Some said this headache made them not to want to order from them ever again.

BREAKING: @GrubHub committed to helping you with your personal finances, by giving you every reason not to order from them.

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Others said they couldn't believe what a big error the company had made.

At this point Seamless/Grubhub could teach an MBA course on how to destroy a brand and all customer goodwill in as little time as possible

While some poor souls were forced to head out into the (gasp!) real world to get their food.

I gotta go out and get my food like a peasant. Thanks #seamless @Seamless


The social media managers for Seamless and GrubHub were very busy.


Though some people were promised discounts for their trouble.


But if you're waking up hungry on Sunday, you should be fine to order. The spokesperson said the technical issues have been resolved.
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