Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Day Is Here And The Website Is Not Working

"When the @Nordstrom site is down for the #AnniversarySale, but they somehow figure out how to charge $5000 to your card anyway."

If you haven't been on Instagram this morning, you may have missed the ~biggest~ news of the year: It is the first day of the Nordstrom annual sale early access for cardholders.

The sale takes over the 'gram every year with affiliate links and sneak peeks on deals, and people were PUMPED.

24 hours until the best day ever @Nordstrom #AnniversarySale

Some influencers got up in the middle of the night to shop deals, both in store and online.

And of course, showed off their wares.

That's a lot of bags!

However, the sale had barely begun before this ominous tweet was released from the Nordy's Twitter account.

Some customers are having trouble checking out on our website and app. We are so sorry for the inconvenience, and our teams are working hard to fix the issue as quickly as possible. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s resolved. Thank you for your patience.

The site and app was having "issues," and people were not able to check out.


@Nordstrom oh no !! On the first day of Early Access too !! #AnniversarySale #thehorror

People were pissed.

Any other Nordstrom card members unable to access the @Nordstrom anniversary sale this morning? :( Can't reach them by phone for help /"High call volume" :( #nordstrom #AnniversarySale #earlyaccess


@Nordstrom I can’t take it! I’m seeing all the anniversary sale stuff and I can’t even get into my account! Line is busy, no email. What’s going on!!! Please help!!! #AnniversarySale

Their carts vanished...

Not happy with @Nordstrom! I had a @katespadeny bag in my cart for the #AnniversarySale and the app stopped working, now the bag is gone. 🤬😤💔

They couldn't log in to their accounts...

Think of all the sales @Nordstrom is missing out on bc they can’t get their site to work during their BIGGEST sale of the year. 🙄 I can’t even log into my account!!! #frustrated #AnniversarySale #anniversaryfail #NordstromAnniversarySale

And some said they even got charged for stuff they didn't get to order.

When the @Nordstrom site is down for the #AnniversarySale, but they somehow figure out how to charge $5000 to your card anyway.

The saddest yellow square in history.

Others complained about the phone support.

@Nordstrom this is the second year in a row your ecommerce is screwed up. I'm now on the phone placing my order verbally with a customer service rep like it's 1999. Seriously? And some pieces are already out of stock?!? You don't deserve the business. Epic fail! #AnniversarySale

It is all too much.

Me switching between my app and laptop trying to place my @Nordstrom order #AnniversarySale #CanIGetATriplePointDayForThis

A spokesperson for Nordstrom told BuzzFeed News by Thursday afternoon the site was fully functional.

Right now I’m unimpressed with @Nordstrom #AnniversarySale. This hurts me deeply.

And made a peace offering to customers later in the day.

Our site had issues today that may have made it hard to shop with us. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and are offering customers with a #Nordstrom credit or debit card 10 points per dollar on their purchases made July 11 or 12. Shop now:

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