This Girl Totally Slammed A "Good Guy" After She Says She Found This Creepy Note

"Fear the good guys...I'll guess we'll just have to suffer through watching you get broken over and over again by the scum you think you love."

People are furious about a note from a “nice guy” that a college student says she found posted to a bulletin board in her dorm.

Megan, 22, is a student at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces.

Megan, who didn't want to give her last name for privacy reasons, told BuzzFeed News she was in her dorm on Jan. 29 when she noticed the note.

The student said she's not sure where it came from, or who originally wrote the words.

"More than likely it was one of the guys in the dorm, but I've never run into anyone who behaved as described in the note," she said.

The note reads:

OK, ladies.
I get it.
You don't want a pleasant evening chat.
You don't want a gentleman to walk you to your car.
You don't want a friendly dude to help you carry your groceries… or hold open the door… or crush the life out of other men that would do you harm.
Fine - fear the good guys… I guess we'll have to just suffer through watching you get broken over and over by the scum you think you love.
But I want you to know – it's not easy and it hurts to see you fall.
Give the good guys a chance to help you be less afraid of the world.

Megan said she was offended by the words, and decided to post the note to her Tumblr account. She claims she also posted a "rebuttal" to the note next to the original one.

She said she posted the note online because "the 'nice guy' attitude is getting old."

"People need to realize that doing good things just to get attention is wrong," she said. "The intent behind the action is what makes it 'good' or 'bad.' People need to start treating women like real people. That only happens if this sort of behavior is brought to light."

In her rebuttal, Megan says she wrote, "if you want us to be less afraid of the world, then change the world, don't change us."

She said she wrote a response to stand up for other women.

"Even if the guy who posted the note didn't see it or take it seriously, at least someone else would see it," she said. "Maybe what I said would change someone's mind."

Although Megan posted the note to Tumblr in January, the note got a ton of attention last week, after it was tweeted by Twitter user ‎@mitchberghini. His post has been retweeted more than 13,000 times.

A 100% non serial killer thing to do is just print this up and put it up all over town with black duct tape

People online were super outraged.

And thoroughly creeped out.

"This note makes me sick to my stomach. Women not scared of the world & we can pick ourselves up," one woman wrote.

Megan said she didn't even realize the note was going viral until a friend told her, but she is happy to spread her message.

"I'm blown away that it went viral so fast," she said. "But I'm also glad that it did. It means more people are getting to see that it's still an issue."

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