People Think This Dad Who Freaked Out Over Getting New Trash Cans Is Peak Dad

This is peak dad.

This is Michael Stevenson, an 18-year-old from Canton, Michigan, and his dad Mike. Michael told BuzzFeed News his dad is "a really fun guy who kind of gets really excited about the little things."

One of those little things is the fact that recently their town provided residents with brand-new, big recycling bins.

Michael explained that the old recycling bins had been an annoyance for his dad for a while.

"Every week we have to take out the trash and the recycling, but the old recycling containers were these little bins that you kind of had to work to consolidate all the recyclables in it," he explained.

The new cans can hold a lot more recycling — and Mike was STOKED. Check these babies out.

Michael said his dad was so pumped about the new cans, he and his sister thought it was worth celebrating. So when his dad wasn't looking, he filled the cans with balloons.

Mike's reaction was pure, peak dad.

"He thought it was super funny," Michael said of his dad.

Michael decided to share the moment on Twitter, and people thought it was pretty hilarious.

@mpstevenson1 @kalesalad IDK why, but this makes me so happy

And wholesome AF.

I love wholesome twitter

"This is so pure I love it."

This is so pure I love it

"May we all be as happy about something as this man is about recycle bins."

May we all be as happy about something as this man is about recycle bins

Happy recycling, Mike!

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