Here Are The Most Vicious Clapbacks To Trolls From The Parkland Students

"Emma I’m sorry love but this is business. You’re going down."

We know by now that the teen activists who survived the Parkland school shooting are very good at using social media to clap back at detractors.

The most vocal Parkland students on Twitter, including Cameron Kasky, Emma González, Sarah Chadwick, David Hogg, and Sofie Whitney, have confronted trolls head-on in front of a worldwide audience.

They've mocked false conspiracy theories that they are hired "crisis actors."

@davidhogg111 is smart, funny, and diligent, but my favorite thing about him is undoubtedly that he’s actually a 26…

And made tongue-in-cheek jokes about their fellow activists.

To the filthy scumbags tweeting out trying to gather up dirt on @Emma4Change... please contact me. I have PLENTY. E…

This GIF really says it all.

Some, like Sarah, have been calling their trolls out directly.

Sarah also had some shade for Tomi Lahren (whose name no one seems to remember).

Adam Alhanti, another teen survivor, dug up an old tweet from the NRA's Dana Loesch to make his quip. "We know," he wrote, in response to Loesch's "Teenagers piss me off."

Sarah also used Twitter to burn politicians. "We should change the names of AR-15s to 'Marco Rubio' because they are so easy to buy," she wrote.

We should change the names of AR-15s to “Marco Rubio” because they are so easy to buy.

Other teen activists used memes to spread their message.

A guide.

Is your child texting about gun reform? LOL: lets get stricter background checks DTF: don’t take money from NRA BR…


They also tweeted things that were delightfully normal.

Including sending love to each other.

I just wanna put out an appreciation tweet for @chrisgrady5. You are an inspiration to us and we are all so lucky t…

And things that are def relatable.

after doing 6 televised interviews today I finally shirt has been backwards this entire time

Many adults pointed out that people trying to troll teens have NO idea what they are in for.

Adult political figures trying beat teens at Twitter owns is the social media equivalent of getting involved in a land war in Asia.

They say they "love it."

I love how these midlife Fox News crisis actors are getting btfo by a bunch of teens who know how to meme.

Some have declared that "teens are good now" (except we here at BuzzFeed News, who have always been pro-teen).

My ideological evolution: me, until recently: teens are bad me, today: teens are good now

And it seems like they know it, too. "Yeah we are."

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