Melania Trump Went To The Beijing Zoo And A Panda Fell In Love With Her

Gugu went gaga for Melania!

While her husband did boring ~president stuff~ on his tour of Asia, first lady Melania Trump on Friday went to the zoo.

A bunch of kids were waiting for her.

She brought presents...

The kids liked them!

They sang to her and chatted with her...

All the while, something else was happening!

Gugu the panda spotted Melania, and he liked what he saw.

Oh heyyyy.

Gugu photobombed a bunch of pics.

And this one...kind of says it all.

I luv you Melania.

Get you someone who looks at you the way this panda looks at Melania

Melania liked him too...

And even left him a note.

Easily Gugu's best day ever!

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