Joel Osteen Is Now A Hilarious Meme After He Was Criticized For His Response To Harvey Victims

"I support the innkeeper's decision to turn away Mary and Joseph. It's an inn, not Labor and Delivery!"

Houston's famous megachurch pastor Joel Osteen came under fire this week, after he initially didn't open his enormous Lakewood church as a shelter for flood victims.

The church initially said it was closed due to flooding, but Osteen then said the church hadn't opened its doors to flood victims because the city didn't ask it to. The church opened as a shelter on Tuesday, but people were already pretty pissed at the pastor and have been destroying him online.

People on Twitter have been criticizing the pastor as they do best, of course, by making him a meme.

Joel Osteen when he sees ppl grabbing too many sandwiches

@iHeart_youKeish / Twitter / Via Twitter: @iHeart_youKeish

Some tried to imagine what Osteen's reaction was when he was asked to open his doors.

When they asked Joel Osteen about opening his mega church to survivors during #HurricaneHarvey

@RobertVincent3 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @RobertVincent3

Who, me?

@Thomasismyuncle @JoelOsteen Joel when Houston started to flood 👇😂😂😂😂😂

@Dr_Herv_Nerbler / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Dr_Herv_Nerbler

Oh no.

Twitter: Open your church for shelter, Joel! Joel Osteen:

@JDouglasDavis / Twitter / Via Twitter: @JDouglasDavis

Others imagined the pastor being more direct.

Can we use your church as a shelter? Joel Osteen:

@ImAJBro / Twitter / Via Twitter: @ImAJBro

"These are new carpets."

Those Joel Osteen meme though 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@piscesforever25 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @piscesforever25

Joel Osteen Is Getting Ripped To Shreds Over His Response To Hurricane Harvey #memes

@MemebotBot / Twitter / Via Twitter: @MemebotBot

The meme soon evolved into a perfect way for people to passive-aggressively tell people they aren't welcome.

@SodieEvolved / Twitter / Via Twitter: @SodieEvolved

Like, in romantic situations for example.

When she thinks you are gonna let her spend the night

@PyrexPicasso / Twitter / Via Twitter: @PyrexPicasso

Or when there's a big event in town, and everyone asks to crash at your place.

@_MylesHigh / Twitter / Via Twitter: @_MylesHigh

Just give them that ole Osteen smile, instead of a response!

"Aye bro my birthday is coming up and I wanna hit the Square and 6th that weekend! Can I stay with you?" Me:

@TreiDontTweetIt / Twitter / Via Twitter: @TreiDontTweetIt

It really is perfect!

"hey i'm going to be in austin during ACL can i stay at your place??" me:

@nataliemac17 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @nataliemac17

No, random person I haven't seen since I was 16, you cannot crash at my place.

Person I haven't seen since I was 16: "Hey Colyan I'm coming to Athens this weekend for the game can I stay with yo…

@StopColyanMe / Twitter / Via Twitter: @StopColyanMe

Some people went even further, and made the meme into a Biblical one.

My friend Bethany made this Joel Osteen meme on Facebook and I'm inconsolable 😂😂😂

@alamanecer / Twitter / Via Twitter: @alamanecer

Ohhhh myyy goddd.

Joseph: Please sir! My wife is pregnant I think the baby is coming right now! We've come all the way to Bethlehem,…

@BlueMatrix5 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @BlueMatrix5

Even people who tried to defend the pastor were trolled. "I support the innkeeper's decision to turn away Mary and Joseph. It's an inn, not Labor and Delivery!"

I support the innkeeper's decision to turn away Mary and Joseph. It's an inn, not Labor and Delivery!

@franklinleonard / Twitter / Via Twitter: @franklinleonard

Basically, this is the internet to Osteen right now:

The funniest #Osteen meme I have seen so far. #harvey #houston

@TexasOnThames / Twitter / Via Twitter: @TexasOnThames
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