Everyone Is Wishing Their Dad Would Give Them A "Very Small Loan" Of Millions Like Donald Trump

"My dad's idea of a small loan is $8 for Chipotle."

At the presidential debate on Monday night, Hillary Clinton took a shot at Donald Trump's father giving him $14 million to start in business. Trump shot back that the "very small loan" was actually $1 million.

The $14 million that Clinton cited is the figure the Wall Street Journal reported that Trump owed his father in a 1985 casino license application.

The same disagreement dogged Trump at that time. The Washington Post gave Trump “Four Pinnochios” for his claim about his inheritance.

However, even if it was only $1 million as Trump claimed, people online were kind of confused about the candidate calling it a "small" amount.

"My father gave me a very small loan in 1975..." - @realDonaldTrump #DebateNight

Like, how is $1 million a small loan?

If this man says "a small loan" one more time. #debatenight

And everyone had the same conclusion: Where can we get that dad?

If 1 million dollars is a small loan, can I get one of those 🙋🏽 #debatenight

Can I get a million dollars too?

Still waiting for my "small loan" of a million dollars... 🤔 #debatenight

Everyone is feeling like maybe they should give their dads a call.

And the nation's sons call their fathers, asking for a "small loan" of $14 million. #DebateNight

Where u at, Mom?

Brb, asking my Mom if she can give me a SMALL loan. Somewhere around one million dollars would work just fine.… https://t.co/IFcIJrX9HQ

Though they think it wouldn't be as successful.

My dad's idea of a small loan is $8 for chipotle. Similar but different. #debatenight

In short, if anyone is looking to gift a small loan, there are a lot of people online who are willing to take that on.

Anyone want to give me a "small" loan so I can start my business? #15Million #Facts #PresidentialDebate #Debates2016 #debates #debatenight

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