This Military Wife's "Welcome Home" Sign For Her Husband Didn't Really Fit In With Her Friends

Her friends went all out but Jocelyn did something...different.

Jocelyn and Mike Pleasant are a military couple who live in Augusta, Georgia, with their 6-year-old son. Mike is in the Army, his wife told BuzzFeed News.

Jocelyn Pleasant

Mike recently went on his first deployment to Kuwait. He was gone from his family for 296 days.

Jocelyn Pleasant

Jocelyn said she made friends with some of the other wives whose husbands deployed with Mike, and they have been prepping for their return all week.

On Thursday, the other wives sent Jocelyn photos of the elaborate "welcome home" signs they had made for their soldiers. However, Jocelyn wasn't feeling it.

"I really didn’t feel like making a sign and my husband said he didn’t really want a sign," she said.

So, she decided to do something a little different. This is how she welcome Mike home, in comparison to her friends.

Jocelyn Pleasant

Jocelyn said her friends loved her makeshift sign, and so did her husband.

"My husband loved it," she said. "He said he saw it when he was walking out of the terminal and one of the other soldiers said, 'Oh you guys got signs,' and my husband said, 'Yeah...I think mine says ‘oh hey.' He thought it was hilarious."

Jocelyn posted her handiwork to Reddit, where it soon jumped to the front page. People were into her sign.

Jocelyn Pleasant

Many said they thought her sign was the best of all.

"Your sign would get a legitimate laugh out of me," said one poster.

Welcome home, Mike!

Jocelyn Pleasant



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