This Photo Of Ivanka Trump Avoiding A Hug From A Senator Will Make You Very Uncomfortable

"Don't hug me." -Ivanka Trump.

On Tuesday, Ivanka Trump — a top aide and daughter to the president — went to the Capitol to discuss parental leave with lawmakers. Sen. Marco Rubio attempted to greet her, and this happened.

Ohhhhh nooooo.

"Bro, what r u doin?" -This guy, and America.

Naturally, people immediately began to troll the photo.

Can you. Do you mind if I? Just a little. Okay. Here's. Are you okay with this? I just wanted to. Hi. Can I? Do you?

They said it was a bit robotic, to say the least.

Love to engage in that famous human show of affection, the hug

Back off, dude!

Nothing about @IvankaTrump's body language invites this hug from @marcorubio.

No no no.

"i retweeted you this morning" "yes, i know" "let's hug" "don't"

Awk awk awk.

*Rubio after waiting for two hours behind the pillar "Wow, Ivanka, what a surprise. It's so good to see you again."

Others hearkened back to another recent horrible hug.

I knew Marco Rubio's hug looked familiar

And of course, Rubio's other awk moments. :(

Why was that #MarcoRubio / #IvankaTrump hug so awkward? I think we know.

Rubio has since addressed the ~controversy~, claiming the photo was just a bad angle.

New photo emerges providing more insight into alleged failed hug. (Faces blurred for security purposes)

Fake news! Marco is an excellent hugger...

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