"The Bachelor" Will Star Colton Underwood The Virgin Next Season

"This is my personal Vietnam."

The new "Bachelor" is Colton Underwood, a 26-year-old virgin and former NFL player.

ABC made the announcement on Tuesday on Good Morning America. They also posted on social media.

Underwood appeared on Becca Kufrin's season of The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. On Instagram he wrote, "Time to find a wife."

However, a lot of fans were not pleased with the choice.

They thought there were a lot better options.

ABC: who do you want to be the next bachelor? us: JASON! BLAKE! JOE! ABC: guess who’s back! Colton! us: #TheBachelor


#TheBachelor Good Morning America: COLTON IS THE NEXT BACHELOR!!! Bachelor Nation:

Y tho.

Last year: Give us Peter. Bachelor franchise: Okay! How about some guy you dont even remember? This year: Give us Wills, Grocery Joe, Blake, LITERALLY ANYONE BUT COLTON Bachelor francise: #TheBachelor https://t.co/DX6VXjsoWT

A lot of people said it now seems clear that Colton dumped ex-girlfriend Tia Booth, who he dated in Paradise, so he could become the bachelor.

Colton: “I’m leaving.” Tia: “Today?” Colton: “Yeah, filming for the bachelor starts tomorrow sooooo...” #BachelorInParadise


Colton: I came on #BachelorinParadise for TIA!!! I don’t want to date ANYONE else!!! Producers: hey u wanna be Bachelor? Colton: https://t.co/YxzOtuCgSE

Some wondered if Tia would shoot her shot again.

Tia coming out of the limo on the first night now that Colton is #TheBachelor

But she said no.

And NO I will NOT be a contestant on Colton’s season. Lord bless.

So why is everyone pissed? Some didn't like Colton's dramatics.

Others thought he was too immature.

Colton literally is still in love with Becca. He lead tia the fuck on because he was unsure of his feelings. He’s immature. He’s childish. He’s over emotional. And they really made him #TheBachelor when there were SO MANY better candidates.... lol.

He needs to work on himself!

No ma’am I will not be watching @BachelorABC just to see indecisive Colton fumble his way through, only to break up with the winner after 6 months 🙄 #thebachelor #boycottbachelor #aretheproducerstryingtoalienatefans #becauseitsworking

Still others thought he was too boring.

You could wander into #BachelorNation & blindly throw a stick & hit an eligible young man to be the next #TheBachelor but sure, let’s go with this boring lil lump who doesn’t know what he wants. https://t.co/sN0o8It3qO

As one put it, he is a "boring ass pillsbury dough boy."

i know y’all are going to pick boring ass pillsbury dough boy Colton and i cannot handle another shitty bachelor season ajdgdjshsghs someone send help https://t.co/VLdURYYdxY

Basically, this is Bachelor Nation rn:

Although some people are excited!

I’m actually crying...YES COLTON!!!!!!!!!! https://t.co/uc0X0Tmx7j

Kelcee's down!

colton is the new bachelor YES😍😍

And let's be real: We are still gonna watch.

Do I like Colton? Yes. Did I want him to be The Bachelor? Not really. Would I rather it be Jason? Yes. Will I still watch it though? As the Midwesterner in me would say, you betcha.

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