Newspapers Around The World Mourn Brussels Terror Victims On Their Front Pages

The series of bombings Tuesday in Belgium's capital killed at least 30 people.

1. City A.M. (U.K.)

2. The Times of London (U.K.)

3. Metro (U.K.)

4. The Telegraph (U.K.)

5. The New Day (U.K.)

6. The Guardian (U.K.)

7. The Financial Times: London (U.K.)

8. Liberation (France)

9. The Independent (U.K.)

10. De Morgen (Belgium)

11. Le Soir, Belgium – "Hold on"

12. The Sun, U.K.

13. Daily Mirror, U.K.

14. Daily Mail, U.K.

15. Bild, Germany – "We are at war!"

16. i, U.K.

17. International New York Times, U.K.

18. Het Belang Van Limburg, Belgium – "Our darkest day".

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