This Dad's Hack For When His Dog Chewed Up His Shoes Is Almost Too Dad To Handle

This is almost too dad to handle.

Lindsay Onuffer is a 20-year-old college student from Pennsylvania. She says her dad, Steve, is a handy guy.

Recently, Steve's skills came in handy when the family dog, Sam, chewed up a pair of his shoes. (He only looks innocent.)

Rather than toss the shoes, Steve grabbed a knife and created a version 2.0 of his shoes. Voila: sandals!

Lindsay said she thought her dad's hack was hilarious. She decided to share it on Twitter, and people thought it was peak dad.

My dog chewed my dad's sneakers so he cut them into sandals 🙄

Is there a more classic dad move?

@Lindsay_Onuffer @brendan10120 If this isn't a classic dad move I don't onow what is

Thanks for introducing us to 3017, dad!

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